Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Let's start at the very beginning or My PhD in Do Re Me

A little bit of ridiculousness...

Let's start at the very beginning
A very good place to start
When you read you begin with ABC
When you study you end up with PhD (PhD)
The most important letters just happen to be
PhD (PhD)
BA (Hons) (French) Grad Dip (AppLing)...

B - A Bachelor is where you start
A - A Bachelor of Arts
(Hons) - To prove I did not bludge
(French) - Coz languages I loved
Grad - Not ready for the real world
Dip - So it'll last all year
(AppLing) - That's linguistics applied
That's how I ended up in a PhD!

1 comment:

  1. I love it Jodes. I can count on you to bring in the Sound of Music. And so appropriate the SOUND of Music has been turned into the COMPOSITION of music with a little word play. (Well, my word play isn't as clever but you get the point).