Friday, May 25, 2012

Keep keeping calm

After the popularity of DON'T ASK about MY THESIS I thought I'd post the other posters I've made, that are on my office wall.

Keep calm and keep writing - The most important message:

Shut up and write - when keep calm and keep writing doesn't work anymore:

If you have "Don't ask about my thesis" on the wall, you may want this one next to it:

Here are "Keep calm and keep writing" and "Don't ask about my thesis" together here as one picture. I have this as my desktop wallpaper at the moment.

All these posters were made by me with Keep Calm app by Barter Book.


  1. These are great. You should sell them. Have you seen the website Zazzle?

  2. i'm totally in love with this! just shared it on my fb wall, haha!

  3. These would certainly help people who are finding it hard to write their thesis keep in track. They certainly are adorable! I think you wouldn’t have any trouble with thesis or dissertation project if you see it on your wall. Anyway, I do hope I can see more of this kind of message poster of yours.